Disciple(s) in the New Testament

Did you know that the word "Disciple(s)" is found 259 times
in the New Testament? But, the word "Christian(s)" is found
only 3 times.

In this world, the word Christian can mean many things. Many people call themselves Christian by going to a church on Christmas and Easter. Catholics, Mormons, as well as Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Science, and thousands of denominations all claim to be Christians.

In the following passages, you will read Scriptures that define and describe what it means to be a "True Disciple of Jesus."

Becoming a True Disciple of Jesus has 3 parts.

    1. Believing the True Gospel
    2. Learning what Jesus commanded, and
    3. Obeying what Jesus commanded

Hopefully you will accept the challenge to go beyond being just a religious person, and being a "True Disciple of Jesus!"

Do you want to be a "True Disciple of Jesus?"