Minutes of the meeting               Oroville CARES                    December 19, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jon Neal @ 6:10 PM.

The approval of last month’s minutes was tabled.

Treasurer’s report:

 Bills To Quill for $60.32 of printer ink,  Family Health Centers $324.30 for our collaboration of Written Off, DrugtestsinBulk, of $64.06, and Amazon, from our Basic Needs grant, for alarm clocks $52.04.   This last charge is in collaboration with the Truancy Board.  Traci Neal motioned to approve payments and Dwayne seconded.  With approval of these invoices, we will have spent slightly over 30,000.00 and have accumulated just over 30,000.00 in matching funds. 

Old Business:

 Jingle Bell Jog.  There were 25 runners, which is down from previous years.  Weather was rainiy, and the route was changed to the Similkameen trail, which made it difficult for strollers.   Jon and Traci helped with the run.  Discussion of having a glow run in the spring with glowing bracelets and necklaces.

Written off Documentary:  We collaborated with Family Health Centers and the DOH to bring the documentary to Omak at the Pac.  It’s a powerful account of one man’s journey through addiction .  He chronicled his life in journals.  His addiction started with a minor surgery. 

Grant update:  We received another Opiod grant, which Marlene wrote for basic needs to reduce barriers for folks affected by Opiod disorder.   The funds will arrive December 27th in the amount of $8,450.00.  These funds can be used for single parent households, pregnant women and all students who are affected in one way or another by the Opiod epidemic.  We will be able to help with transportation to necessary appointments, clothing needs, diapers, detergent, etc.  We will work with the Bee’s Knees boutique and the Need and Feed closet at both schools.     

ACES:  Discussion of Adverse Childhood Experiences and resiliency.  Discussion of bringing a PAX trainer in, next summer, to build on last years’ progress.  Dwayne brought up the necessity of training substitute teachers in the language of PAX also.  Marlene will check with trainers, and see if we can split cost with Rearden, or Omak, if they will be training also. 

Billboard:  $12,000 per year for 4.  It was agreed we should keep those. Contract approved. 

Meeting adjourned @ 6:45 PM

Vicki Hart, Secretary