Minutes of the meeting   Oroville CARES  November 21, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM

Minutes from previous meeting were approved as submitted.

We have an opening on our board, to represent the parent sector, as Beth Sutton submitted her resignation.

Marlene Barker presented the treasurer’s report:  125,000 New Grant Rollover.  8800 Opiod, 8450 basic needs  grant has been submitted.  Walt made the motion to spend as requested, Todd Hill seconded.

Carnival:  Attendance day after Halloween proved to be much lower than previous years.  Sold 2,500 tickets.   Marlene asked for approval to rent storage unit rather than store at her house.  The cost would be $60/mo for 1 year.  Vicki made the motion to approve, Dwayne seconded.

 Sustainability:  we have 2 years left  on our DFC grant.  We are in our 4th year now.   

Jingle Bell Jog will be December 7th, 2019.  Okanogan =Valley Running Club will take the lead.  Oroville CARES will pay for insurance. Need volunteers to man water stations and flagging.  Please arrive @ 10:30 to get job descriptions.

Drug take back:  Very successful, 36 lbs were collected at the OPD, 37 lbs at the Lakeside Pharmacy for a total of 73 pounds!     

Senior Center:  Marlene made a presentation and 25 lock boxes for drugs were handed out.

Prevention summit:  CPWI   DBHR state funded….5 year strategic plan  DOH liquor Cannibus     Youth classes:  115 deaths per day (see Marlene’s notes )    Vape detectors in restrooms      (Jon has connection in Spokane)

Girls on the Run Pilot:  They contacted us about possible piloting of program, Program normally costs 7500.00 annually.  Need to recruit coaches.  Jera Donner is interested. 

Meeting adjourned,

Vicki Hart, Secretary