Minutes of Oroville CARES Board meeting : June 20, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jon Neal at 6:00 PM.  In attendance were:  Law Enforcement Sector:  Chief Todd Hill, Civics Sector: Walter Hart, Youth Serving organizations:  Vicki Hart, Parent sector: Beth Sutton, Religious organizations: Dwayne Turner, Government: Jon Neal, Schools: JoAnn Peterson.

The board approved the previous minutes as posted.

Dewayne Turner made a motion to approve the treasurer report motion and allow treasurer to pay bills as needed.  Motion was seconded by Vicki Hart

Old Business:

Gemma Sylvester won first place in the Art Contest, for the K-2 category.   Her artwork is featured on the billboard panel by Expressions, however, Oroville CARES did not receive an art proof from LaMar Outdoor before they put the artwork on the billboard.  Marlene doesn’t think it is acceptable.  She has already spoken with the rep, and, if the board agrees, will ask LaMar to redo the artwork to more correctly represent the artist’s entry.

The board agrees, and Marlene will arrange for a correction. 

 Marlene Barker gave a class on Friday on anti-vaping to the 7th and 8th graders, in hopes that facts will remain with them throughout the summer months. 

New Business:

There was a discussion regarding an adjournment for July and August .  Walt made the motion and Dwayne seconded that we have no meetings during the months of July and August 2019, as people will be traveling and its difficult to achieve a quorum.

The smoke free policy adoption:  Todd wrote an ordinance for smoke free parks which will apply to the Library Block, including Madeline Wells Park, and the Veteran’s Memorial Park swimming beach.  The ordinance has already been to City Council, and will achieve final adoption in August.

PAXIS Institute Good Behavior Game training will be held on August 21, 2019, for all Elementary staff.  Thank you to Superintendent Hardesty for this opportunity.    He and Principal Mikelson have been working on the teaching contract in order to incorporate PAX training into the Professional Development calendar and budget of Oroville School District.  Oroville CARES will pay for the trainer to come to Oroville, and for the curriculum.  PAX is an initiative for the entire Elementary building for the 2019/2020 school year! 

Marlene is working on dates for a Narcan training for first responders.  She will coordinate with Public Health and Chief Todd Hill.

The Marijuana grant with DOH ends at the end of June with a new MOU coming for 19/20.  We need to approve the new action plan, and give approval for signing the MOU with Grant County Public Health.   Motion made to approve by Dwayne seconded by Walt. 

The Opiod grant has been written and submitted.  We may have a barrier to completion as the Tonasket High School Principal has changed.  Marlene will contact new Principal to cultivate a working relationship, and see if we may be able to collaborate.  Motion by Todd and seconded by JoAnn to accept Opiod grant funds when they arrive and work with action plan as written.

Grant Strategies:  We are on track with all of our grants, and action plans of each.  We need to complete the CANS Survey  and the CAT Survey in September.

Meeting Adjourned @ 6:25 P.M

Vicki Hart, Secretary