Minutes of February 18, 2021 Board Meeting of Oroville CARES Coalition

Minutes of February 18, 2021 Board Meeting of Oroville CARES Coalition

Board Meeting:  held at the Oroville Assembly of God Church to enable social distancing. 

Call to Order:

  • Chairman Jon Neal called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM.

In attendance:

  • Crisha Warnstaff-Healthcare Professionals Representative, Jon Neal, State/Local Government Representative, Kolo Moser-Parent Sector Rep, Mike Langford-Law Enforcement Sector Rep, Dwayne Turner-Religious/Fraternal Sector Rep, Samantha Turner-Youth Sector Rep, Traci Neal-Business Sector Rep, Brian Wright,-Other Substance Abuse Organizations Sector Rep, Walt Hart-Civics/Volunteer Organizations Sector Rep, and Vicki Hart-Youth Serving Organizations Sector Rep.

Approval of Minutes from January meeting.

  • Motion to approve, as read, made by Traci, seconded by Walt. Motion carried.   

Treasurer’s Report: 

  • Shay is working with the CDC on the FFR report.
  • We have spent $49, 847.90 so far this grant cycle, with personnel and billboards payable this month.
  • Traci Neal made a motion to approve Treasurer’s report, pay outstanding PO’s, with a second by Crisha Warnstaff. Motion carried.

New Business:

  • In-kind matching funds continue to be a concern. The legislature has not made any accommodations for Covid-19 lockdown considerations. Much of our in-kind matching funds come from activities such as the Carnival, Fun Run, etc. which we were unable to hold.  The Healthy Youth Survey has been cancelled and won’t be implemented until fall, which will be in a different grant cycle.  Ideas were discussed on how to meet match. 
  • Suggestions made: Mike Langford, Law Enforcement Rep, suggested that Law Enforcement step up their interactions with youth, increase monitoring of hotspots and Parent Rep, Kolo Moser volunteered to organize Kolo’s Kids, which will be an organized after school, drop in exercise/weight training program. They will focus on health and safety. Social distancing regulations will be strictly observed.
  • Guest Presentation:

A gentleman who has ideas for a virtual thrift store, and a virtual Similkameen trail guide project, approached Oroville CARES about participation and promotion of.  He would also like us to present his ideas to the school, as his past prevents him from contact with students.  It was decided that these items do not fall under the auspices of the Oroville CARES charter, or By-laws, and after much discussion and input from board members, it was unanimously agreed that this is something we will not take on.  Marlene was authorized to submit these ideas to the Oroville HS Counselor, who is also the School Sector Rep, to see if anyone might want to endorse as a senior project.

  • CAT surveys distributed, to be completed by members and returned. Marlene will present a report on findings at next meeting.
  • CIA’s were presented and signed, for next grant cycle term.
  • Marlene presented a DFC report on data.
  • The CDC has not opened the Competing Continuation NOFO, for Years 6-10, as of yet, but volunteers will be needed, and a committee for review will be formed.

Old Business:

February Forum Report: 

  • Presentations were given by Traci Neal, Crisha Warnstaff, and Vicki Hart on webinars that they took at the Virtual Forum. Agreement that there were some tech issues, but classes were informative and all presented great information. Ideas on virtual prevention games will be implemented at the Oroville High School.
  • Progress Report has been submitted on time.


Vicki Hart


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