Minutes of March 18, 2021 Board Meeting of Oroville CARES Coalition (2)

Meeting Minutes                                                                                           March 18, 2021

The mission of Oroville CARES Coalition is to advocate for local youth and families by providing substance abuse prevention education and environmental, evidence based strategies to reduce youth substance abuse and foster a safe and healthy community.


Sector Affiliation:

Jon Neal

Local Government-Chairman

Marlene Barker


Vicki Hart

Youth Serving-Secretary

Walt Hart


Dwayne Turner


Kolo Moser


Mike Langford

Law Enforcement

Samantha Turner


Traci Neal


JoAnn Peterson


Brian Wright

Other Organizations

Call to Order:

  • Chairman Neal called meeting to order @ 6:02
  • Meeting was held at the Oroville Assembly of God Church to accommodate social distancing.

Approval of Minutes from March Meeting.

  • Motion to approve as read by Walt. Seconded by Traci. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Shay is still working with CDC on FFR report
  • Expenditures of 61,222.49 total for grant cycle. Personnel and expenditures of 11,374.59 this month.
  • Discussion of in-kind funds. We are on track.
  • Mike gave a report on his officers, and Kolo updated us on his organized after school classes.
  • Traci made motion to pay expenditures. Dwayne seconded. Motion carried.

New Business and Action Items:

  • Coalition sign at the Football field was discussed. Need to contact Mike Hinthorne, Athletic Director and check on its whereabouts. Jon will handle.
  • Sub-Committees: Several board members are not serving on a subcommittee currently. Marlene to send out lists and ‘job descriptions’ within those designated committees, so members can choose what is the best fit for them.
  • Brian reported on the PSA’s currently running on his radio station.
  • Discussion of tragic youth suicides locally. Obvious pattern developing. OHS is in need of suicide prevention services and curricula. Marlene to discuss with Superintendent Hardesty and HS Counselor, as she is on the school SEL committee.
  • Art Contest discussed. Slogan decided on as: “Drug Free Looks Like Me”.  Traci and JoAnn will take entry forms to Elementary School, and Marlene will place in newspaper.  Deadline will be before April meeting, so we can vote then.
  • Take Back Day is April 24th. Mike volunteered his staff to handle. Registration with DEA has already taken place.
  • Mike reported on National Night Out, which will be in August. Motion made by Dwayne to have an Oroville CARES booth set up there. Walt seconded and motion carried.  Marlene will send out a sign up sheet for shift duties.

Old Business:

  • CAT survey. Evaluation committee analyzed and came up with a report.

Marlene presented the information, as Superintendent Hardesty, Evaluation Chairman, was indisposed, and answered questions about member satisfactions and knowledge. Discussion of questions and how to address.

  • Drug and Alcohol Facts Week: Marlene reported on the Bulletin boards at the HS regarding. Thanks to the volunteers and Be the Change Club who put them up. Thank you notes will be sent.
  • Billboard materials. Marlene presented the options. Voting commenced for content of panel # 81612.

Meeting adjourned at 7:04 PM

Vicki Hart

Coalition Secretary

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