A huge thank you to the Oroville City for donating the installation of this drop box! prescritpion drugs1

Oroville CARES is delighted to announce that in our ongoing efforts to remove prescription drugs from the street, keep them out of the water supply and out of the hands of youth, we have installed a permanently mounted prescription drug drop box at the Oroville Police Department.  Our local police department accepts prescription drugs during the day, but we felt it is imperative that this option be available 24 hours per day.  It’s our hope that other illicit drugs might be removed in this same manner.  The prescription drop box will be available for drop offs of any outdated, unused or unwanted prescription drugs:: controlled substances, medication samples, veterinary medications, vitamins, medicated ointments or lotions, inhalers or liquid medication in glass.  DO NOT return needles, thermometers, IV bags, bloody infectious waste materials, personal care products, hydrogen peroxide, empty containers or any business waste.

prescritpion drugs5