Effects of marijuana on youth

Nearly half of Okanogan County 10th graders that use marijuana are at risk of academic failure.  Source:  2012 Healthy Youth Survey Link to HYS

Regular marijuana users who start using as teens can suffer a drop of 8 IQ points that are never recovered.  Source:  National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Link to NIDA Article 

One if four teens who use marijuana will develop dependence on that or other drugs, Furthermore, marijuana is the most common substance identified by youth in treatment.  Source:  Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, SAMHSA/TEDS Link to Wa State TEDS Data 2012

97% of heroin and meth addicts using the syringe exchange in Okanogan County name marijuana (over tobacco and alcohol) as the first substance they ever used.  Source:  Okanogan County Public Health

There are only two Liquor Control Board officers assigned to Okanogan and Douglas Counties to enforce recreational marijuana business rules, including ensuring that security measures are in place.  Source:  Washington State Liquor Control Board.